Disclaimer: Strictly showcasing the Gokhale Promise – No Offence Please!

Gokhale Constructions, in the last few years, has become Pune’s preferred name in redevelopment. This is underlined by the fact that in just 1 span of 15 years, Gokhale Constructions has delivered more than 75 redevelopment projects, with another 25 projects ongoing. This journey towards becoming Pune’s preferred name is a result of different factors. From the speed of delivery to quality of finishes, Gokhale has led the way in setting trends in the field of redevelopment.

To communicate these facets of Gokhale Constructions every project, we decided to do something interesting. Instead of showcasing these promises in a plain manner, we crafted a ‘no-offence’ campaign – a campaign which compared the best qualities of Gokhale with the best in the industry; but in some other field.

Here, the speed of home delivery was compared to Zomato’s food delivery, the quality of finishing was compared to MS Dhoni’s finishing skills and so on. Obviously with ‘no offence’ to them!

The campaign not only informed people, but entertained them with its quirkiness. A real estate brand incorporating humour in its communication, made people connect with it. In fact, the campaign became the talk of the town. It also set a trend on brand Gokhale’s behalf for redevelopment-related communication.

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