Digital and Advertising – A relationship at a crossroad

Our Digital Head, Dhanashree Shinde, was invited to speak at Pune’s very first Digital Marketing Conference hosted by 24ADP held on 6th and 7th June. And she took this opportunity to put across her insights about the Digital arena, through the unique perspective of someone who has actively been involved in the non-digital activities of an advertising agency.


The topic she chose was centered on the relationship between the mainline advertising and digital advertising and the constant confusion that brands face about whether to work with standalone Digital Agencies or their existing Traditional Advertising Agencies who have an integrated digital wing.

Here are some excerpts from her talk:


Every evolving medium, including digital, takes more efforts to disconnect from established and conventional media to establish its identity. It has its own identity anyway. You need not disconnect it from conventional mediums. The language, rules, formats or advantages of each could be different but isolating one from another will be a great loss for brands that are evolving.
The consumer often forgets where he has read about XYZ brand story. He recollects the story/visual language. For him media is secondary. People don’t even identify few mediums as ‘advertising’ or ‘brand-building’…  And these mediums are some of the best mediums that you can use. SMM is one of them.


Today the need is to connect advertising with digital, and both with experience. If a product or service experience is bad, it will be shared on the digital platform faster than any other medium. And addressing this feedback effectively leads to goodwill and positivity being created around the brand. That’s the greatest strength of this medium which is still mostly unexplored.


There are some clients who are still stuck on number of Likes and number of Shares that they expect from a particular post/campaign. Few think handling a brand page is the easiest thing to do.

Some of the typical quotes we hear from clients are:
“Why should I hire a person simply to manage my brands social presence? I can post on social networks on my own!”

“I don’t need social media marketing; I am paying for traditional marketing.”

But there are a few digitally literate clients as well. They want to know what spend for their GDN campaign will balance out the rest conventional media spends. They consider Facebook promotion to be a part of the campaign and accordingly set out the budgets. The digital media spends are getting higher day by day whereas the digital agency fees are lowering.

Integration has become a mandate!

Integration of Digital and Conventional world advertising will lead to organic growth of the clients businesses. The two worlds are married now. Brands don’t need a separate Digital Strategy. The Brand Strategy is already in place, and it simply needs to be integrated in the Digital world as well!

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