Creating a one-of-a-kind musical NYE on the sea for party lovers!

“Angriya created the best musical new year party on sea, and gave Mumbai’s party lovers new goals for life!”

We may forget a place, but we never forget how it made us feel to be there. If a brand can create memories for its customers that they will cherish all life, it occupies a happy space in the customer’s mind forever. There are so many things that we have never explored or done before, and what better way than to tick them off the list before a year ends? Keeping this thought in mind, we crafted the communication strategy for Angriya, India’s first domestic cruise liner. Angriya is a cruise that takes travelers and party lovers from Goa to Mumbai and back! With amazing amenities on-board, Angriya is heaven for party lovers. Angriya hosted a stunning new year bash on-board in Mumbai on the 30th and 31st of December 2018.


The event was called ‘Anchored Angriya’ and featured the best bands playing on the Indian Sea for the first time ever! Our challenge was to bring the grandeur in the communication, without losing the creative aspect. We devised a digital campaign that would focus on Mumbai’s party lovers and give them a voyage full of wows that changes the way they look at celebrating the new year forever. Music was the biggest highlight and we created small and vibrant videos that ensured the event was constantly in buzz.


Along with creating strategic communication on the website, we also did ads on the digital media that got people to take action and book the tickets for the Anchored Angriya party. The communication was planned out in two parts, this included the events happening on 30th of December and later, 31st of December. Our strategy was to create an inviting vibe for the party audience by communicating the fact that they must experience NYE on the sea, something which they have never done before. We created everything from the Anchored Angriya identity to the passes, and set the tone of the groovy event.

We invited Mumbai’s party audience to enjoy the wows they have never lived before. The best part was, they could party one day before NYE as well and continue partying on-board until 2019! On 30th December, Angriya welcomed party lovers to the amazing musical cruise night. The audience was enthralled by the magical sea and the groovy music as bands like Malang and Agnee got people’s feet tapping! Live DJ music all night at the mesmerizing Heli Deck, Infinity Pool, and Fathom Lounge added to the delight. Unlimited food and beverages, and partying under the starlit sky made the New Year’s Eve memorable!



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