Celebrating Ravetkar Group’s passion for art and spaces

As one of Pune’s leading names in the redevelopment segment, Ravetkar Group has rebuilt the soul of many old buildings and vastus at the heart of Pune. At the same time, the Group has always tried to nurture the culture and art in the city.

While the brand nurtured its passion in both the fields, we sought an opportunity to celebrate this passion in a memorable manner.

Art, artists and spaces share a strong yet less explored connection. At Setu, we decided to explore and showcase this connection in an unforgettable manner. We approached Padma Shri Raghu Rai, a celebrated photojournalist for a collaboration. He shared 12 of his iconic photographs that captured India’s finest music and art maestros at their home, or in their most cherished space.

To give this passion for art and spaces, a bigger and a more everyday canvas, we created a calendar for brand Ravetkar for the year 2021, with these 12 photographs. The calendar would make sure that people get inspired every day by these timeless moments.

Since the calendar was a limited edition one, we took it online through social media, while sharing Raghu Rai Sir’s anecdotes about each photograph, through our channels.

To take the timeless stories further, we published an advertorial, which showed glimpses of the calendar, while narrating the unheard off stories behind those moments.

Advertorial Link : Ravetkar Advertorial

The calendar reinforces brand Ravetkar’s passion for spaces and art in the most unforgettable manner. It also shows the brand’s thought leadership in doing things differently.

For us at Setu, it will be a project that will always be close to our hearts.

24. January 2021 by admin
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