Capturing the authenticity of spices through its identity

As globalisation takes over and people migrate to different places, a greater urge is felt for authentic food that belongs to a particular region, especially for people who live away from it.

Sawai, a spices brand from Maharashtra, derived its inspiration from this cultural and market insight. They decided to serve traditional and authentic spices that celebrated the various cuisines of Maharashtra. The need of the hour was an identity that incorporated this product philosophy in a memorable manner.

Tasked with the corporate identity design, we decided to understand the nuances of the history and evolution of Maharashtra and its culture. The name Sawai means a notch above and has a strong connection with the royalty of Maharashtra. We worked on two fronts- identifying a symbol and typography to create a unique and powerful identity for Sawai.

For the symbol, we went through the cultural symbols from the times of ancient royalty and zeroed in on the ‘mudra’, the royal currency used in that era. For the typography, we identified the font of the manuscripts as a unique and authentic connection with the history of Maharashtra.


Incorporating these two elements effectively and seamlessly, we created an identity for Sawai, which perfectly captured the philosophy of the brand and the offerings of its products.


26. August 2019 by admin
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