An extension of Vastushodh’s ‘Home Revolution’

For our client, Vastushodh, a renowned name in affordable housing, we had conceptualized the idea of a ‘GruhaChalwal’ or a ‘Home Revolution’. GruhaChalwal basically highlighted the problems that a common man typically faced while buying a home, and how Vastushodh was effectively addressing these issues and helping them fulfill their dreams.

The campaign received great response from the patrons. And so, when we decided to undertake an extensive branding campaign for the rest of Maharashtra (ROM), this GruhaChalwal became our core theme.

To effectively extend the campaign, which was previously restricted only to Print and Outdoor, we decided to craft TVCs on the same lines. A series of 4 TVCs, each one featuring one issue and solution that GruhaChalwal offered, was set to connect with the audience by giving their problems an actual voice.

Take a look at what we’ve created.

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