A Souvenir from Setu’s Founder, to Marathi Copy-writing!

Today, the 27th of April, 2013 is going to be a red-letter day for the Deshpande brothers of Setu Advertising. To give you a gist of why we say this, let’s go 27 years down memory lane.

Since the year 1985, they saw their father build a platform. They saw him struggle. They saw him write.
Mr. Sharad Deshpande was growing in his flair for writing. It so happened that his passion to play with words and simplicity had started becoming a noted style in Marathi Copy-writing .

With a handful of devoted clients, dignity in his heart and a belief in simple writing, our Founder-Director set-on his journey of advertising – copy-writing. It’s unbelievable but his writings actually touch a corner in your heart; and, the only way you can describe his play-of-words is courageous.

Today, our Founder has 50 years of Marathi Copy-writing to his credit, and, Rugwed and Rutuparna have managed to capture it all and compile it into a beautiful documentation. This is Mr. Sharad Deshpande’s very own book, ‘Shabdaarth – The journey of a Copy-writer’. The first book ever written on Marathi Copy-writing!
And today, is the launch of this benchmark book. To add to the joy, it also happens to be
Mr. Deshpande’s Birthday today! Our heart-felt wishes for a man that not only gave Marathi Copy-writing a creative identity but also gave us our beloved agency, Setu Advertising!

Thank you Sir!




You can order your copy online : http://www.menakabooks.com/menaka-prakashan/5262-shabdarth-eka-copywritercha-pravas.html

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