10 Things to make your brand digitally ready for the new world


Yes, the new world. Because the things that have been taking place around us have changed the way people think, behave and interact. What’s more; the lockdown has redefined physical interaction for every sector, product and service and has accelerated the need for brands to have a robust digital presence.

So, in a world full of jargons and philosophies, here are 10 simple yet impactful building blocks that will get your brand digitally ready for the post-lockdown world and consumers.

  1. Spell out your COVID-19 stand
    The ones who trust your brand, seek transparency about what’s your take on the current scenario and what are you doing to address the situation. Use emailers and newsletters to reach out.
  2. Update your information touch points
    With fake news all around, people seek authentic information from the brand, and nothing better than an updated brand website to do it. Update your website banners, and if need be relook your corporate website.
  3. Give people a clearer picture
    It’s your responsibility to give your customers clarity about your revised working hours, are you open for business, and other essentials. It sounds basic, but updating your Google Search Listing is very useful.

  4. Fine tune your digital assets
    With communication trends evolving in these times, it’s a good time to get an audit done of your existing digital channels. Convert your offline collaterals into e-versions to offer an enriched experience. This includes brochures, catalogues, BD tools etc.
  5. Make your website e-commerce active
    With social distancing taking over in the near future, it’s the right time to get your website e-commerce ready. You won’t want to miss out on future customers just because, they can’t connect with you from their homes.
  6. Find a way to reach their doorstep
    Depending on your type of product or service it is imperative to initiate online delivery for the future. For the products/services cannot be home delivered, find a way to reach out to them for assistance, if not product delivery.
  7. Take the tech route
    The prevalent scenario and the impending future make this the right moment to initiate automation of workflows that don’t need physical intervention. This can be done using tools like AR / VR, CRM software, AIn enabled chatbots and other customer interaction tools.
  8. Show up and do your part
    If you already have a product/service that can be of help, go a step further. Make online books free to read, make medicines delivery faster. But, if your service isn’t a direct benefit provider, get associated with someone. Make a donation, sponsor relevant infrastructure.
  9. Do more than what you can
    Make sure that your social media followers get a sense of value addition from your channels. A real estate developer offering online site visits gives people more than just engaging content.
  10. Get ready for the next phase
    How are you going to communicate post the lockdown? Do you want to drive sales with some offer? Find answer to these questions while revisiting your product/service portfolio to meet people’s new needs.Challenges are inevitable. But how we best utilise the available resources define how the business will shape up in the future. Digital readiness of your brand is a resource that seeks your attention now. Let’s gear up!

11. May 2020 by admin
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