Redefining the promotion strategy of Marathi plays in the Digital era

In a day and age where everything needs to go viral, Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta, a Marathi play starring Prashant Damle and Kavita Medhekar, approached us for the promotion of the play.

At Setu, as we sat down to discuss the communication and promotion strategy for the play, we realised that even though the times have changed, the promotion of Marathi plays is still very traditional. A display ad in leading newspaper publications, a few days before the first show- this is what happens even today. Today, when even a web series is promoted as aggressively as a film, this promotion strategy sounded outdated. We decided to revamp this promotion strategy to suit today’s times.

Since the play had a stellar star cast and good content, we knew the product at hand was good. And while it was not a typical sequel, the name resonated with a highly successful Marathi play with the same star cast from the late nineties- Eka Lagnachi Goshta.

Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta centred around the mid-life crisis faced by the male protagonist, played by Prashant Damle. We used this thread to create the teaser promotion for the play. A Facebook live video where Prashant Damle spoke about mid life crisis, started the buzz. This was followed by content revolving around mid-life crisis; obviously in a humourous tone.

‘Mala Sanga’- a superhit song from the original play was shot and shared on various social media platforms. It not only went viral, but reconnected the people with the nostalgia of the original play. We followed it up with introducing the new characters from Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta, to build curiosity about the play. We gave people reasons to watch this play even if they hadn’t seen the previous one.

Going beyond the digital medium for promotion, we proposed and executed a strategic collaboration between the play and Ravetkar Housing, a reputed name in Pune’s redevelopment segment. The brand’s home buyers and customers were in perfect sync with the play’s target audience. Using the outdoor medium, curiosity was built about the play with a message “Sukh Mhanje Kaay Asta” (What is happiness); lyrics from the song ‘Mala Sanga’.

At the first show of the play, we continued these online and offline engagements via fan connect activities, Facebook Live etc.

The result was immensely satisfying. The first 25 shows of the play were houseful within a week of announcement. The bigger delight- we were able to redefine how play’s are promoted in the digital age.

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Making Punekars connect more with Pune’s biggest NGO Fair!

Ishanya Foundation organises the Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair every year. For a decade, it had brought together rural artisans associated with different NGOs across India, to help them showcase their craft in Pune.

For its 11th edition, YRNF had brought on-board more than 120 participating NGOs and had more than 100 products to showcase across wide range of crafts- from pottery and bags to fabrics, diyas and other artifacts. YRNF wanted to reach out to more and more Punekars to increase the footfalls and in turn, increase the sale generated for the different participating NGOs.

We at Setu, were tasked with achieving this growth for YRNF. Understanding the type of audience who visited the Fair, we decided to focus on effective use of digital media to reach out to more and more people, while creating  buzz about YRNF.

We chose to project YRNF as the biggest festive shopping destination for gifting and owning. This was done through different content series that addressed different aspects of the Fair. Series of posts giving information about YRNF, its legacy, its participants, its offerings were done to educate the target audience.

GIFs were used to give information in an entertaining manner. Additionally, promotional videos were generated and shared across social media and WhatsApp to bring the Fair closer to the people. Contests, asking people trivia about the Fair, were conducted, with the winners being invited to the Fair.

The use of digital media increased the footfalls at YRNF by almost 40%, with more than 6500 people visiting the Fair. The 11th year became a huge milestone for YRNF. Here are a few glimpses from the event.




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Now sailing, India’s first domestic cruise liner!

Sea Eagle Cruises, a highly experienced name in the field of navigation, has been extensively associated with developing Goa’s untapped potential of hinterland backwaters and other tourist opportunities. They decided to revive the iconic Mumbai-Goa sea link of the 70s, with MV Angriya, a vessel that also celebrated the legacy of Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre.

The first phase of developing communication for Angriya, involved developing a website and content for various social media platforms. We decided to make both these tools eye-catching by using the biggest USP of Angriya – the on-board experience.

The website gave a delightful showcase of the facilities available on Angriya- from accommodation and restaurants to bars, open decks, and spa. The visual-centric website interface ensured that the visitors were in for a treat. This was reflected by more than 4 minutes of average time spent by an individual website visitor, in the first few days of launching the website.

The same visual-centric but more fact-rich strategy was adopted for the social media content. Series giving insights into the world of Angriya, the many firsts it promised, and explaining the voyage experience to the people prior to the first voyage, not only created curiosity but increased the excitement among the people. This was complemented by audio-visual content giving a sneak peak into Angriya and celebrating its rich legacy.


The first two touch points for Angriya – its website and social media platforms – gave people the perfect trailer of what to expect from what is yet to follow; the voyage on-board.




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When Pune celebrated a tea party of its own!

Wagh Bakri Tea, a leading national brand in the tea segment decided to launch its tea lounge in Pune. What they needed was connecting with Punekars in a heart-to-heart manner so that a tea-loving city would not just visit the new tea lounge, a first-of-its-kind tea hangout in the city, but fall in love with it.

So how do you invite Punekars for a cup of tea? That’s the question we were faced with. We figured out that the invite should resonate with them. In fact, it should give them a sense that ‘one of their own’ is inviting them. This is what we did for the launch of Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge, with language and elements that were truly Puneri!

To create a local connect, we decided to incorporate Pune’s biggest and most popular landmark- the Shaniwarwada, in the communication, but with a twist. We collaborated with Cannes-winning illustrator Anant Nanawre to create an illustration of Shaniwarwada, using Wagh Bakri tea powder. Being a part of world’s top 200 illustrators, he brought all his skill to the table, literally.


We then combined this piece of art with a message that is just how Punekars talk. The wit and charm of Pune were captured in the communication. The result – a successful launch that was followed by many tea lovers visiting the tea lounge regularly.


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A Volcanic Brand Association!

The Brand Kelzai Volcanic Water has its source in the former volcanic Sahyadri range. Every drop of rain for Kelzai Volcanic Mineral Water passes through various layers in the basaltic lava flows. This enriches the water with many beneficial minerals.

Recently, we were faced with the challenge of pairing the brand’s unique offering with ‘Sanju’. We connected the thread of Ranbir Kapoor’s volcanic performance in ‘Sanju’ where he played the role of Sanjay Dutt, with the product’s USP of Volcanic Water.

We ran an exciting contest for a week throughout the country. We were thrilled with the response and received about 500 entries from various fan pages and participants! The contest was an interesting quiz on Sanjay Dutt and the movie, while creating awareness about Kelzai at the same time.

10 lucky winners won the contest with all correct answers and got to meet the Sanju star Ranbir Kapoor! Fans were thrilled and so was the brand. The brand connect was well-established and the contest created a great buzz about the film and the Kelzai product.


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Disclaimer: Strictly showcasing the Gokhale Promise – No Offence Please!

Gokhale Constructions, in the last few years, has become Pune’s preferred name in redevelopment. This is underlined by the fact that in just 1 span of 15 years, Gokhale Constructions has delivered more than 75 redevelopment projects, with another 25 projects ongoing. This journey towards becoming Pune’s preferred name is a result of different factors. From the speed of delivery to quality of finishes, Gokhale has led the way in setting trends in the field of redevelopment.

To communicate these facets of Gokhale Constructions every project, we decided to do something interesting. Instead of showcasing these promises in a plain manner, we crafted a ‘no-offence’ campaign – a campaign which compared the best qualities of Gokhale with the best in the industry; but in some other field.

Here, the speed of home delivery was compared to Zomato’s food delivery, the quality of finishing was compared to MS Dhoni’s finishing skills and so on. Obviously with ‘no offence’ to them!

The campaign not only informed people, but entertained them with its quirkiness. A real estate brand incorporating humour in its communication, made people connect with it. In fact, the campaign became the talk of the town. It also set a trend on brand Gokhale’s behalf for redevelopment-related communication.

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Crafting the promise of a ‘Value Home’ – Vascon Goodlife

Vascon, one of India’s leading names in real estate, decided to venture into the value housing segment with a project at Katvi, Talegaon. While the cost of homes was low, factors like the promise of quality by Vascon and homes full of features, were set to redefine the perception of affordable homes.

As communication partners, we were tasked with building the identity for this value homes project and its launch communication. The name for the project was coined to have the delights that the project promised. Goodlife was finalised as the project name. The name was the first pointer to the difference between affordable and value homes.

With people being hesitant about buying a home due to a low phase in the real estate market, the launch communication had to overcome this inertia. We identified ’50 reasons to buy a home’ to reassure the prospective home buyers and to underline the brand promise of value homes. These reasons were then combined with the clarion call of ‘Abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi!’, through a truly 360-degree launch campaign.

While the radio jingle in a rap form was highly appreciated, the TVCs received a great response.Print and outdoor mediums reached out extensively to the people. The project launch received a tremendous response,which was reflected in the large number of leads and quick bookings.

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Addressing concerns, instilling needs – The Launch of Haware Meadows

When is the right time to buy a home? It is the most important question that will decide the fate of the next generation. Isn’t it? We asked the same through our campaign for Haware Builders, a trusted name in affordable housing. That’s how we decided to make them think about the buying decision of a home with the project Haware Meadows, offering the best in Neral. We highlighted this opportunity to buy a home as the ‘Right Time’ to invest in one through our campaign. A trusted builder with an affordable project just 2-minutes from the Neral station was the ideal proposition! 

The outdoor communication was used to state the fact that this was the perfect time to make a smart home-booking decision in Neral with Haware.

An informative article was crafted to give details about Neral and Haware Meadows. Neral’s development potential too was captured in this advertorial which created awareness about the area and the new project.

The project brochure gave a glimpse of the homes and conveniences that were on offer, also stating the brand’s expertise in the affordable housing sector. 

For maximum reach and visibility, we executed station branding extensively in Mumbai. This kept the buzz about the brand going and also ensured brand connect with the masses for a respective offer.

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Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra

Sakal has been a part of Maharashtra’s culture and empowerment for more than 80 years. Understanding the modern times and to ensure a connection with the new generation, Sakal, for the first time ever, announced Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra – a beauty and talent contest across 8 cities of Maharashtra. The challenge was to blend Sakal’s rooted identity with a contemporary event. The communication focused on this “first time ever“ essence of the event and promoted it as not just a beauty competition, but a talent hunt. A pan-Maharashtra campaign, the communication earned a great response with more than 800 entries and some high-quality stiff competition.

The tone of the communication helped establish the grandeur of the first-ever Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra, which reflected in the participation across all 8 cities. This grandeur was then carried forward into the finale where the audience witnessed the beauty, fashion, poise, and talent of the participants on a grand stage. The communication created a great ambiance for the event.

To add a sense of feminine beauty to the communication, we used digital paintings in a color tone that beautifully captured the essence of the competition and grabbed attention across Maharashtra.

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Roaring ahead with the leader – Sakal

Sakal has been Maharashtra’s no. 1 choice of the newspaper for many years. With the competition starting to make claims of their superiority, Sakal wanted to underline their leadership position and reinforce it in the minds of the readers. Since Sakal is the true no. 1, we decided to give the communication an authoritative tone that reflected the brand’s confidence and belief in what it was saying and what it stood for. A strong typographical unit of number ‘1’ was used to highlight the leadership position of Sakal. The ‘1’ had the names of all the cities of Maharashtra where Sakal led the way. This presented Sakal as the leader of Maharashtra. The word ‘undisputed’ was owned to stamp authority on the segment and in the minds of the readers and people.

The press Ad was a unique text-wrap ad that integrated the brand message with the brand content; highlighting how its content had made Sakal number 1 across Maharashtra.

In the second phase of this campaign, which came out after the IRS 2017-18 figures were announced, we carried forward the thread of undisputed no. 1. At the same time, since IRS is a readership based survey, it was time to acknowledge the contribution of readers that continued to make Sakal, number 1. With Sakal being the leader in Pune, visuals were used to establish this local connect in a strong, unforgettable manner. The campaign was in line with the dignified tone of communication of Sakal, and was in stark contrast to the competitor’s tone – which was very aggressive; and unlike the preferred tone of Punekars. 

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