About Setu

‘Setu’, when translated, means bridge. We have lived up to our name for decades, effectively ‘bridging’ the gap between our clients and their goals through effective communication.

The cornerstone of the ‘communication bridge’ that we are today was laid by the visionary copywriter, Sharad Deshpande.
Whether it is through his prolific writing or his revolutionary thoughts, he has always been a source of inspiration to us and others. His belief in innovation, relationships (with clients and employees) and, most importantly, quality content, has created a firm base upon which Setu has been built.

His beliefs are the anchors that keep us grounded. But we’re always looking for bigger, better challenges. And it is this feeling that drives us to adapt & grow.

A heartfelt tribute, through a hand-written font

The Thought Process

While a solid foundation gives us the ambition to reach higher, our thought process gives our ambitions a clear vision. As we completed 30 successful years in 2015, we at Setu Advertising, rephrased, rather realigned our thought process to give our ambitions a renewed clarity.

We identify ourselves as a “Startup at Heart” that is 30-years old but has the mind, energy and spirit of a startup – a place that wants to outdo itself every single day and create new benchmarks of success through every single endeavour. The spirit of a “Startup at Heart” gives our experience-rich organisation, a drive to achieve more for our existing clients and also work with brands with bigger ambitions, in times to come.

Meet the Team

The team of architects working behind the scenes at Setu Advertising is a motley crew of talented individuals – each one with their own perspectives and skill sets to bring to the mix.

Every opinion, small or big, chips into every creation. And yet, one central thought binds these chips together to create one seamless shape. Our end products, therefore, have the distinction of being unique pieces of communication that have the exclusive ‘Setu’ touch.

These are the main minds that create the magic behind the Setu touch...

  • Rutuparna Deshpande
    Finance, Admin
  • Rugwed Deshpande
    Brand Service, Digital, Creative, HR
  • Nilesh Sule
    Media, Production, Business Development
Rutuparna Deshpande
More a friend than a ‘boss’, Rutuparna Deshpande takes great care of the organization and, more importantly, its people. Always up-to-date with what’s going on, he’s probably the most active & enthusiastic participant in Setu’s goings on.
Rugwed Deshpande
Creative, yet methodical, Rugwed Deshpande streamlines the artistic explosions into focused, efficient bursts of communication. He has the gift to understand the abstracts of aesthetics, as well as the ability to rationally analyze its impact.
Nilesh Sule
With a strong ethical and moral compass, Nilesh K. Sule is the practical mind behind the day-to-day functioning of Setu. He holds his ground no matter what, and makes sure that everyone is treated fairly.


While being reliable brand partners through effective communication, we at Setu are also involved with some truly innovative initiatives that allow us to express our passion and gratitude towards writing, art & design, technology and lateral learning.

  • SHARAD 76

As artists, designers and advertising professionals, we continue to get inspired by our surroundings. The impact of India, its values and most importantly its culture on our work is immense. In fact, it is this culture that shapes our ideas and communication. As a tribute to this glowing Indian culture, we have initiated Setu Art.

Through Setu Art, we pick up cultural icons from around us and convert them into unique pieces of art. From popular food items to accessories and attire, Setu Art plans to create masterpieces out of all of them. Currently, we have designed the iconic wada pav, the king of Maharashtraian sweets – modak and the pride of Pune – Puneri pagdi, as a part of Setu Art.


While functioning as an advertising agency, we at Setu also try and do things that make a difference. Sharing inspirational stories is one of them. Through Shabdaartha, we got an opportunity to share one such inspirational story – one we got to witness first hand.

Collated, designed and released by Setu Advertising, Shabdaartha salutes the journey of Mr. Sharad Deshpande, a visionary Marathi copywriter and the founder of Setu Advertising. The book shares stories of his life that not only laid the cornerstone of an advertising agency’s success but also shaped the way for Marathi to uniquely connect people and advertising. Launched in April 2013, it acts a guide in copywriting for budding and seasoned writers alike, opening a new treasure on every page. It is our humble way of sharing information and knowledge with the people.

Having been established by a Marathi copywriter, we at Setu, feel a special bond with words. We believe that every word is a way of bringing a thought to life. From brain to hand and from pen to paper, the thought takes shape in our mind and then communicates with this world. Today, when technology has taken over the warmth of the ‘personal touch’ of words, we tried to bring it back through Sharad75.

Sharad 75 is an OpenType font designed to mimic the handwriting of our founder, Mr. Sharad Deshpande, which blends good old-fashioned writing with the world of machines. The font immortalises the hand that wrote numerous conversations of Marathi copy writing creating an emotional connect between clients and customers/readers. Sharad75 can be typed phonetically and is available for free download.


In October 2015, Setu proudly completed 30 successful years in the field of advertising and communication. A different kind of celebration was planned to mark this landmark occasion – a celebration of lateral learning where a platform would be created for advertising industry professionals from Pune, where they would get insights about writing, design, creativity and technology. We named this initiative Springboard.

As a part of Springboard, a series of 12 workshops (ideally one every month) will be conducted, where industry experts would interact with advertising professionals in Pune and engage them in meaningful learning. It will help them to expand their perspectives, allow them to gain knowledge of allied verticals, add to their existing skills and support their never ending pursuit of excellence. Till now, workshops on Street Photography and Professional Screenwriting have been successfully conducted.


Digital Art VRe is a technology-based startup that specialises in creating reality. Yes, you read it right. We create the essence of reality through 3D & shoot-based tools which are popularly known as virtual reality. We generate content that is not only engaging but also serves as a solution to various marketing impediments. Our services cater to various verticals like Real Estate, Manufacturing, Education, Events and Exhibitions and Culture, Heritage and Tourism among others.


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